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Who said you had to head over to the pub for a great meal? Pinty’s Pub&Grill offers you the best of the pub, in the comfort of your home. Plus, you can even customize to taste! If you love to host dinner parties, these restaurant quality products are tailor-made for you.

Pinty’s knows that a healthy option should never be a boring one. EatWell makes the ‘better for you’ choice easy with its healthier versions of delicious and convenient foods. Live Well, EatWell, Be Well.

Go Big, Bold and Real with Pinty’s Man Cave products! Offering a wide range of unique flavours, Man Cave gives you an even higher level of customization, with the possibility to go from Mild to Wild with the spices! For those who are fan of the heat, you will be served.
Pinty’s Since 1943 celebrates the heritage and history of classic recipes and flavours. Indulge in the comfort of childhood memories attached to these truly authentic and delicious products.


Hosting game night? No worries! Pinty’s has all you need to please the crowds, offering all the delicious classics in gathering packs. Your guests just might make your home the official go-to destination for every game night…