Your Pinty’s Super Bowl Party Recipes

Super Bowl Sunday’s almost here! Time to GO BIG for the biggest sports event of the year! You’ve invited all your NFL fan friends for a Pinty’s football blowout! And obviously you’ve included a few people who don’t know anything about football at all but are there for the great food, the drinks and the half-time show. So I’ve come up with a few Pinty’s recipes that break with tradition but that will get you as excited about the food as you are about the game! At least I hope they will!

WARNING: These recipes can be a little messy. But as with any epic contest like the Super Bowl, you’ve got to get your hands a little dirty if you want to win! So we strongly recommend you wear dark coloured clothes on game day. But if it’s messy, it’s got to taste good, right? Last word of advice: get wet naps and lots of ‘em… you’ll thank me later! 😉

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Pinty’s Nachos

The opening kick-off: Nachos with Pinty’s Buffalo Chicken Bites! You can’t go wrong with nachos! Easy to eat standing up, at the table, on the edge of your seat or on the shoulders of you best bud, they’re the perfect start to the game!


BBQ Chicken Wings in Mexican Salsa

It’s time for your guests to show which team they’re pulling for. Because everybody knows that you can’t double dip in the enemy team’s dip! Everyone picks their favourite team, every team gets its own super bowl of wings and its own dip. This is serious business!


Jalapeño Wings

If the start of the game isn’t exactly everything you hoped for, it’s time to break out your famous hot peppers stuffed with cheese and Buffalo chicken wings. You’ll see how quickly they spice up the game! And your palate! I can’t promise you an ultra-incredible Super Bowl, but trust me, I can promise you these will taste even better than you thought possible. I would go so far as to say they’re the taste equivalent of a winning touchdown in the last second of the game. So yeah, they’re jump up on the couch kind of good.


Pinty’s Kebabs and California Breaded Chicken Chunk Salad

During the half-time show it’s time to get out the heavy artillery! Pinty’s chicken kebabs made with pickles and potatoes and a California salad with breaded chicken bites on the side. You’ll see, a bit of salad will do you good. Because if it doesn’t, like the Green Day lead singer says we’ll have to “wake you up when the third quarter ends”! And that’s when you serve up a batch of Jalapeño wings. Ready? Set? Hot! Hot! Hot!


Pinty’s Wing Pizza

And for guests who are feeling super festive and who want to party down until the wee hours of the morning and who knew where this was all going and who’ll call in sick for work tomorrow, finish them off with our incredible pizza with chicken wings, goat cheese and arugula. It’s the perfect recipe for those indecisive types who always want to eat everything on the menu, or those who switch teams halfway through the game depending on which team is ahead. Whatever. Just say you’re for the team that’s going to win in the end.

After eating all that, they’ll sleep like babies. And that’s exactly what you want, as you happen to be one of the responsible types that’s going to work the next day. And you’re pouting a bit because your team lost… ;)


Date 01/12/2024