It takes a Wing to know you: Which Chicken wing eating style matches your personality

Sometimes you’ll eat slowly, savouring each bite like it’s your last. Other times, you go full savage mode, inhaling the entire plate in mere minutes. Whether you’re trying new flavours, testing different cooking methods, or switching up your consumption technique, the wing eating experience is always an exciting journey – and one that allows you … Read more

The best deserves the best – side dishes for chicken wings

Finger-Food Delights Ditch the utensils altogether with traditional finger-food-fun chicken wing side dishes that also double as great dip and sauce vessels! If you want a crowd-pleasing classic with a twist, try loading up your favourite toppings on a glorious pizza with an unexpected sauce base like pesto, salsa or BBQ sauce; sneaking in some … Read more

Pinty’s community spotlight: crossing all bridges learning centre

Crossing All Bridges is a not-for-profit charity based in Brantford, Ontario. Developed by parents of adults with different learning abilities, the program was founded in 2003. Participants become empowered through tailored educational experiences that allow them to gain new skills and build their self-confidence. Crossing All Bridges is unique in that it offers a variety … Read more

Family day weekend: Pinty’s cook off challenge

Down below, we’ve provided you with four different recipes featuring Pinty’s products so your fam is covered for tasty eats, Friday through Monday! Get everyone at home involved, even your friends! From a family of two to a crew of 20 (if you have a kitchen this big, you’re living the good life), it doesn’t … Read more

7 types of party people #howDoYouPinty’s

“The Host” Will generally fall into one of two types: “The Worrier”: Can be found hovering around stressing about everything; overthinking the party food menu, fretting over the lack of coaster use, doing a constant headcount, reminding everyone which patio cup is theirs. (They probably could have used this rundown of How to Host the … Read more

10 Tips to Canadian-ify your summer get-togethers

1. Fire It Up When it comes to how you’ll cook your summer feasts, just ask yourself – how would a true lumberjack do it? Hint: You should (safely and responsibly) prep the fire pit for bannock, get the barbecue Alberta-beef-ready and sizzle your cast-iron frying pan for hot bacon! 2. Canadian-Style Condiments Maple syrup … Read more

5 Reasons to love Pinty’s

1. PUB-STYLE AT HOME When you’ve had a long week (or day) and it’s finally time to unwind, you shouldn’t have to choose between a food craving and comfort. Pinty’s lets you take restaurant quality pub-style taste to your own home or backyard. With authentic Pub & Grill chicken wings you can cut the noise, … Read more

#HowDoYou Pinty’s fan scorecard

Add One Juicy Pinty’s Point If You’ve Ever: Got excited upon seeing a side (or more) of wings on your dinner plate. (We had to give ONE easy point). Answered: “Which flavour of chicken wings is your favourite?” in under 30 seconds. Add one bonus point if you insisted on picking more than just a … Read more

4 Insights for first-time Jukasa Motor Speedway Campers

1. No matter how big you go, know that others will go even bigger You may spend hours planning and preparing the most mind-blowingly epic site, and others will still have a more tricked out setup than you. Does it really matter? No. Will you look on in awe? Absolutely. You could set up a … Read more

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Cooking chicken wings isn’t just for the oven! Try them cooked on the BBQ, deep fryer, or even using the air fryer for a change.