How to Win a Wing Eating Contest

Not for the faint of heart or appetite, no summer celebration, local fair or neighborhood pub night is complete without something the crowds love and the participants can’t get enough of – wing eating contests!

Ready to take on the ultimate display of delicious performance? Read on for tips and tricks to propel yourself to sweet saucy victory with wing eating contest tips from Sam, winner of the 2018 Ticats Pinty’s Wing Eating Challenge!
Meet a Wing-Eating Winner.

Sam, age 30 – from London, Ontario

Instagram: @tigersammy88

How to Win a Wing Eating Contest
The Set-Up

What sort of preparation do you recommend leading up to a wing eating contest?

Sam: Make sure you don’t go in on an empty stomach. Even a light snack a few hours before will help you not get too full too quickly.

Surprised that an empty stomach isn’t recommended? Good tip to know!

What do you think makes an ideal setting for a wing eating contest? (i.e. Venue, number of participants, table placement)

Sam: In a public place with a crowd cheering you on! Personally, I think three is the best number of participants for a wing eating contest to have.

In your winning opinion, what are the best flavours of chicken wings for maximum contest success?

Sam: Buffalo sauce – hands down! You get a bit of a kick from the heat, and they’re so delicious you just can’t stop.

Agree or disagree? What’s the best chicken wing flavour in YOUR opinion?

When it comes to cooking, what would you say is the best way to cook chicken wings for contest consumption? (i.e. Oven, fryer, BBQ)

Sam: I prefer my wings be deep fried personally. Deep frying chicken wings gives the outside a crispy texture but keeps them juicy on the inside. The wings in my winning contest were sauced up perfectly, so I didn’t need anything extra.

Gettin’ Down to Business (eating that is…)

Be straight with us – is there a strategy in eating flats or drumettes first, or do you just chance whichever finds its way to your mouth?

Sam: For me, that’s a no. You are so focused on eating as much as you can – you really just pick up whatever your hand finds first and most of the time you aren’t even looking down at your wings.

How do you overcome the urge to stop and wipe your mouth/face/hands? (Especially knowing there’s a crowd)

Sam: Just remember that you have limited time! It’ll be over very quickly, so two or three seconds to wipe your face could equal one more wing, and that one wing could be the difference between finishing first or second place.

A basic question, but we’ve got to ask: What do you do if you start feeling full?

Sam: Just keep going. There is always room for one or two more wings – power through!

Any tips on staying positive for those who (didn’t read this post/follow these tips) aren’t victorious?

Sam: You just got to eat a ton of delicious Pinty’s chicken wings! So in a way, we’re all victors here!

Glorious indeed!

The Fans & Final Words

Was the Pinty’s Wing Eating Challenge what you expected it would be? Were there any surprises?

Sam: It was beyond what I expected. It was such a thrill having people cheer me on and being able to entertain others, even if it was only for a couple of minutes.

Did you celebrate your win once the Wing Eating Challenge was over? If so, how?

Sam: Absolutely – I celebrated with a nice cold beer, a half of football and no more food for the rest of the day!

Any tips for wing eating contest supporters out there? (i.e. Spouses, children, parents etc.)

Sam: Don’t be embarrassed! You are friends and family of the WING KING OR QUEEN!

Gotta give the people what they want – WINGS!!

Do you have any final words of wing-eating-master advice for the Pinty’s lovers out there?

Sam: Don’t be afraid to enjoy your wings. Whether it’s one pound of wings in 10 minutes or 19 wings in 90 seconds, they’re all SO TASTY! …and lastly, GO TICATS GO!

There you have it wing-eaters! Whether you call home or an entertainment stage the best way to enjoy wings – we hope you’ve gleaned some juicy tips for wing eating glory!

Got your own champion wing eating tips? Tell us about ‘em in the comments below, or take to Facebook, Instagram or Twitter and share with the world!


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