Sauce It to Me – All Sauce All the Time

Sauce /sôs/: a glorious zesty addition, pairing perfectly with practically everything.

Playing the ultimate supporting role in any snack or meal, from buffalo to plum, hot to bold – mmm, sauce. A tried and true companion for dipping chicken wings, nuggets and chicken tenders, but let’s face it, those are just the basics! (And you’re a beyond-basic saucy beast…)

Nobody puts sauce in a corner – here’s 5 ways to enjoy sauces that will really let ‘em shine!

1. For the Bread and Bun-Bound

Customizing is key when you’re a juicy burger lover, or a time-honored sandwich devotee; your food – your way. A match for all fillings whether they be traditional condiments, extra bacon, deluxe cheese, jalapenos (and anything else you can think of) – slather that sauce over whatever you use for packing all the best into that tasty vessel. Expect to need both hands to hold onto all that saucy goodness!

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2. Liven Up the Bland or Tired

If you’re always coaxing someone (or being coaxed) into eating those vegetables, less than enthusiastic about the same boring Sunday dinners with the in-laws or feeling stuck in a general take-it-or-leave-it bland flavor rut – make it a win with sauce – heck, even that tried and true meatloaf could use a makeover. Add some plum sauce to perk up your veggie plate or stir fry, rejuvenate Grandma’s meatloaf recipe or your prized meatballs by topping them with some honey & roasted garlic deliciousness. Take it from boring to bam!

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3. That’s a Wrap

No matter what the clock reads when you’re reaching for eats, wraps, burritos and tacos have gotcha covered for meals and snacks at virtually any point in the day. Anything goes when it comes to what ingredients you’re wrapping in a tortilla, shell, or yes even lettuce. Either way one thing is for sure: With so many tasty sauce choices to choose from you can really liven up that taco Tuesday night, give that beautiful breakfast burrito your best, and layer that lunch time quesadilla with love.

4. Barbecue Delights

Whether you fancy yourself a real master of the grill or are just starting to hone that charbroil skill, it’s time to make your magic on the barbecue grill even more impressive – and pump up your side dishes. Sauce-ify your sizzling bratwursts, kabobs, chops and steaks with bold or Caesar BBQ sauce, or dash some hot or buffalo sauce onto those portobellos, cheddar potatoes and corn on the cob. Seriously, what can’t be enjoyed by the flames of the barbecue?

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5. Instant Success

Are you riding the trendy instant pot train or always falling back on a trusty, much-loved slow cooker? Step up your best classic crockpot recipes or those hot new techniques by tossing some savoury sauces into the mix. Think hot sauce for ribs, bold BBQ sauce brisket, whisky mustard roasts, honey and roasted garlic sauced stews – oh yeah! Your imagination is the limit and the not-so-secret is in the sauce.

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