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Here at Pinty’s we’re all about making great food fun, and a huge part of fuelling that delicious drive for flavour and amazing experiences comes from you – our fabulous fans! We’re turning this one over to our community of Pinty’s enthusiasts and shining the spotlight on these 3 super fans – let’s meet ‘em and find out #HowDoYouPintys:

Meet a Pinty’s Super Fan | Super Fan Claim to Fame

Rick @Gmanrick2525 (IG), age 51 from Victoria BC

Rick is a top contributor across Pinty’s social media platforms and would give up his current career to become a taste-tester for Pinty’s. (We’ll keep you posted on that job opening Rick.)

Todd @ToddAitchison (TW), age 42 from Waterloo ON

A NASCAR Race devotee who loves the win-win of supporting sports through his love of Pinty’s (and that sweet swag), Todd was the winner of Pinty’s 2018 “Epic Wingman Weekend” in Bristol! We were lucky enough to have Todd collaborate with us on a two-part blog series last summer.

Graydon @SmoothOper88or (TW), age 38 from Bracebridge ON

A self-proclaimed family man who loves his wife and motorsports, Graydon and his sons are NASCAR Pinty’s Series devotees and gave the fire engines command at the 2016 championship and recent race at Kawartha Speedway!

Sounds like their Super Fan credentials check out alright!

1. When and how were you first introduced to Pinty’s? What delicious Pinty’s product got you hooked?

Rick: Over 12 years ago maybe even longer! When I saw that Pinty’s sponsored sports I was sold and knew I had to try their products.

Todd: The chicken wings – 100%! I was introduced to Pinty’s while watching NASCAR, “Making Great Food Fun” kind of sticks in your head when you watch it over a 4-hour sporting event.

Graydon: The buffalo chicken wings were my first introduction to Pinty’s. I really took notice of Pinty’s in the 2015 NASCAR Pinty’s Series season. That was when I began to bring my wife and young sons to the races, like how my parents used to take my brother and I to Barrie Speedway for events.

It Was Love at First Bite…

2. In your super fan opinion – what’s the best way to prepare Pinty’s chicken wings? (i.e. oven, fryer, BBQ).

Rick: Even though it takes a little longer, the oven for sure – although any Pinty’s product is well worth the wait!

Todd: Baking them in the oven, tossing in your favourite sauce and then finishing them with a quick stint on the BBQ (assuming of course it’s not the middle of winter).

Graydon: Any way to prepare chicken wings is good. I’m not very kitchen savvy so in the oven is as fancy as I get (and it’s convenient).

3 for 3 on the oven…but will our super fans all agree when it comes to their favourite Pinty’s product? Let’s find out!

3. Which Pinty’s products are your top favourites?

Rick: Wings (any flavor) and I could eat the Buffalo Chunks till I can’t chew no more!

Todd: Pub & Grill Buffalo Chicken Wings (give me my wings with Blue Cheese dip and I’m happy!), Chicken Tenders and Eatwell Breast Chunks!

Graydon: Buffalo wings, any of the potato chips, Buffalo sauce (that way we can make anything Pinty’s).

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OK, now that we’ve covered some chicken wing basics, it’s time to dig a little deeper with some slightly serious, maybe downright scandalous questions for these super fans…

4. If you met someone who had never tried Pinty’s chicken wings, what would you tell them about the deliciousness they’re missing and why they need to get on that bandwagon? (Once the shock wore off…)

Rick: After picking myself up off the ground, I’d tell them the flavour is amazing and unlike similar products there’s a lot of quality content to them!

Todd: The quality of the meat is the most noticeable difference compared to other frozen chicken wings, and the flavour of the sauces too – not to mention how active Pinty’s is with our favourite sports!

Graydon: I would say they’re missing all the fun and flavours of pub food in your own home. Pub wings can be so hit and miss: Too crispy, not crispy enough, too saucy, no sauce at all. You can cook, sauce or season Pinty’s to your taste and make them exactly how you want them, in a timely manner too. Plus, Pinty’s always goes well with any game or race that’s on TV!

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5. If you were stranded on a desert island and could only sustain yourself from one Pinty’s sauce…which delicious flavour would it be and why?

Rick: Buffalo for sure as it’s got some heat, tanginess and so flavourful (secret fact…I lick the rest of the sauce off the plate when I’m done…shhhh).

Todd: BEER BBQ, its Beer & BBQ – no further explanation required.

Graydon: I would take the Pinty’s Buffalo sauce to a desert island. I would have Buffalo coconut, Buffalo lizard, Buffalo fish…

6. Do you think boneless chicken wings are truly chicken wings? Or are they chicken nuggets?

Rick: Chicken nuggets/chunks! You really need the bone to eat them like a wing and have authenticity.

Todd: NO. They’re a chicken nugget/tender hybrid.

Graydon: If they call it a wing, I’ll eat it. I don’t discriminate.

7. Which season holds the best food-fuelled parties? What’s your one “must-serve” Pinty’s product when it comes to hosting or bringing to a get-together?

Rick: Any sports season for me, which is 365 days of the year. Always chicken wings and chicken chunks! (Did I mention I could live off these?)

Todd: For me the NASCAR season starts in February with Daytona and runs until November to Ford Championship Weekend! Pinty’s wings are a must-have: “Just like you get at the pub”.

Graydon: NASCAR season, covering 38 weeks a year. We go through a lotta Pinty’s stuff…

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8. Have you ever mixed Pinty’s sauces together for a new zany combination of overwhelming flavour? If so, which ones? If not, would you?

Rick: Yes, mostly the Buffalo or Hot along with the Blue Cheese sauce – I would only introduce Pinty’s sauces to the mix because they taste the best!

Todd: I haven’t because I’m a pretty simple guy, Mild/Beer BBQ with Blue Cheese is all I need but I put out the other sauces (Hot etc.) for those who want to live on the wild side.

Graydon: No, next question!

9. Controversial question: You have one chicken wing left and your significant other reaches for it – what *do* you do?

a. Let them have it, sharing is caring after all

b. Offer to split it with them

c. Throw down a coin toss or rock-paper-scissors challenge (winner eats all)

d. “Oh sorry – didn’t see you going for it!”

e. Give your best stink eye and return the favour next time they have wings

Super fan identities have been withheld for the safety of their friendships and marriages…

Censored: “Let them have it, sharing is caring after all” – Always for me!

Censored: “Oh sorry – didn’t see you going for it!” Chances are I’ll get it first as I mow them down pretty quick… If my wing night buddies are over for a race however – it’ll be a battle!

Censored: “Give your best stink eye and return the favour next time they have wings” – Best stink eye. Into the memory bank it goes.

That one was intense, let’s finish with a common dilemma we’ve all experienced…

10. When you’re mid-wing-eating session…do you stop and wipe your hands and mouth? Or just wait until the end? (Are paper towels, paper napkins or cloth napkins best?…or maybe those fancy wet wipes?)

Rick: I lick my fingers the best I can, but usually wipe them off as I would inevitably get it on my clothing! Paper towels during – wipes after!

Todd: I’ll give a lick or two of the fingertips and maybe dip in my water glass if it’s nearby, but there’s pretty much no sense cleaning up well until the last wing is gone! My wife wouldn’t want me using cloth napkins, so I go paper towel for heavy duty strength and finish up with a wet nap and then a good hand wash!

Graydon: Don’t waste the sauce on napkins. What did they do to deserve the sauce?! Lick it off your fingers and then go for a good wash when the wings are done flying.

There you have it Pinty’s lovers – 3 Super Fans calling it as they see it! No matter what sport gets you outta your seat, which dipping sauce you call your favourite, or whether or not you consider boneless chicken wings true chicken wings – we can all agree our community rocks – GO TEAM PINTY’S!

Fancy yourself a Pinty’s Super Fan? Head on over to Facebook, Instagram or Twitter and tell the world how delicious you are, or just leave us a comment below!


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