It takes a Wing to know you: Which Chicken wing eating style matches your personality

Chicken wings and eating are a match made in heaven. You may be thinking, “Aren’t all foods a match for eating? What does that even mean?” Allow us to explain. Have you ever noticed that whenever you eat chicken wings, you eat them in different ways?

Sometimes you’ll eat slowly, savouring each bite like it’s your last. Other times, you go full savage mode, inhaling the entire plate in mere minutes. Whether you’re trying new flavours, testing different cooking methods, or switching up your consumption technique, the wing eating experience is always an exciting journey – and one that allows you to learn new things about yourself with each bite.

Our team did a little research* and found seven unique ways to eat chicken wings that can say a lot about an individual’s personality. Read on to learn what your wing eating style says about you!

The Nibbler

Like a squirrel with a nut, The Nibbler enjoys eating chicken wings in tiny, rapid bites. Although he may take hours to finish a plate of wings, he enjoys every moment of it, savouring each sublime bite. If this sounds like your style, you love to take your time when working on a project, and absolutely hate feeling rushed in any scenario. You appreciate life’s beauty and take the time to soak it all in. The Nibbler is chill, easy-going, relaxed and free-spirited.

The Snapper

The Snapper eating style is fairly simple to do, but can only be done with flat wings. We have to admit, our team has employed this style many times before. The Snapper’s technique: place the wing vertically in your fingers, pinch the middle of the wing and snap it in half for easy access to the meaty centre. The Snapper is methodical. She examines every situation critically, strategically and meticulously, before deciding the best course of action. If you use the snapper technique, it’s safe to say that you plan ahead and are driven by efficiency – even if it requires a little extra force.

The Picker

What happens when you have a chicken wing lover who absolutely hates bones in their mouth? You get The Picker. She relies on a time-consuming, wing eating style that may seem nonsensical to some, but the gold standard to others. The Picker is – obviously – very picky. She must have things her way or no way at all. She’s the one within her friend group to call the shots and make quick decisions with confidence and gusto. Are you a Picker? If so, your dominant trait is likely that you always know what you want, have a very particular way of going about getting it, and no one can stop you once you make the decision to go for it.

The Bone Puller

Like The Snapper, The Bone Puller uses a technique applicable only to flats. The Bone Puller’s style involves choosing one end of a wing and separating the bones, while keeping the bones together and connected on the other end, before finally twisting off and separating both bones from one another. What’s left? A delicious pocket of easy-to-devour chicken! The Bone Puller likes to have fun and be adventurous. He’s one to experiment with new things that others may not consider. The phrase, “Don’t play with your food” is just not part of his vocabulary. If you’re a Bone Puller, you’re highly creative, don’t take yourself too seriously, and are unafraid of crossing boundaries.

The Inhaler

The one person who always finishes their plate and never has leftovers. We all know him! He is The Inhaler. The Inahler’s style is easy yet effective. He simply places the entire wing in his mouth, somehow eating all of the meat in seconds, before pulling out a cleared bone. Even the tiniest piece will not be safe from The Inhaler. He absolutely hates the idea of wasting things, whether it be wasting time, space or food. He believes in living a minimal lifestyle with only essential belongings to avoid clutter and waste. If this sounds like you, we bet you’re an Inhaler!

The Savager

The Savager has no specific wing eating strategy. Her goal is simply to down as many wings as possible. It doesn’t matter how messy it gets, or who’s looking, The Savager will get down and dirty, and always chooses chicken wings above all other foods. All wing eating occasions are a competition for her – whether it’s with herself or someone else (and they don’t even know it). She thrives off pressure, pleasure, and friendly competition. If you’re a Savager, you probably enjoy playing sports and video games. Whatever gets the adrenaline flowing! You don’t care what people think about you or the way you do things, because you always do what you love and love what you do.

The Licker

The Licker’s wing eating method is arguably not a true eating method per se, but more so a preference. It’s usually for those who dislike trying new things. The Licker enjoys the taste of wings, but is weary of new flavours. Before trying new chicken wings, she first licks the sauce as a tiny taste test. If she enjoys it, she’ll take a tiny bite a la The Nibbler, experimenting with the sauce/wing combination. From there, she will adopt one of the other styles above – if she likes the wings.

Which eating style matches your personality? Do you agree with our list? Let us know on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter!

*This is not research-backed whatsoever.