Hungry, hungry Reindeer: what are Santa’s favourite Pinty’s products?

Traditionally, Santa is the superstar of the holiday season. And why wouldn’t he be? He delivers presents to millions of children around the world! Kind of tough for Frosty the Snowman to compete with. While there’s no denying that Father Christmas is the perfect emblem of the generosity and goodwill that define the season – and not to mention, he’s just an overall cool, mysterious dude thanks to his majestic beard and the whole operating-in-the-dead-of-night thing – we think that sometimes people overlook those who help Santa with his important journey. You know who we’re talking about! The ones who carry Santa and his sleigh: Dasher, Dancer, Prancer, Vixen, Comet, Cupid, Donner, Blitzen, and Rudolph.

Today we’re taking a closer look at the personalities of Santa’s reindeer to uncover the Pinty’s preferences of each! We promise, you won’t want to leave out celery and carrots for these guys on December 24th after reading this. And if you do? We can’t be held responsible for you winding up on the naughty list. We tried to help.


The fastest reindeer in the bunch, Dasher’s need for speed is mostly a by-product of his competitive nature. He is a team player, but is ultimately driven to best the rest of the reindeer and impress the Big Guy. In the off-season (AKA every day other than Christmas Eve), you can catch him dominating the North Pole hockey league, moving across the ice in quick flashes and being a little too liberal with checking.

Because a serious athlete like Dasher needs to stay on top of his game – mentally and physically – our Eat Well Chicken Breast Fillets are a perfect fit. The fillets are a tasty source of the straight up lean protein that Dasher requires for peak performance and sustained energy on the ice and in the sky.


We are fairly certain that the term “party animal” was coined because of Dancer. He is extremely extroverted and loves to be social. You can always count on him to throw the biggest and best get-togethers, and successfully convince the other reindeer to be a little bit daring. (He once challenged Vixen to a midnight dance off on the roof of Santa’s workshop. Mrs. Clause was not impressed.)

With his spicy dance moves and even spicier demeanor, Dancer would love our EatWell Chicken Nuggets tossed in our hot sauce. A little bit of exhilarating heat to make his taste buds boogie only makes sense!


The trendsetter – every group needs one! Fashion is always on Prancer’s mind. If he’s not getting the elves to make him custom bowties, scarves, and accessories for his harness, he’s experimenting with hairstyles the other reindeer would never dare to attempt. Comet still won’t let him live down the time he had an inverse Mohawk shaved into his head but that’s a story for another time! Prancer isn’t afraid to take style risks and loves to switch up his look so he can stand out in the crowd.

Because versatility and self-expression are so important to Prancer, our Pub & Grill Crispy Chicken Wings are his perfect Pinty’s match. The wings include three different sauces so he can satisfy his love for experimenting with styles by mixing and matching his wing flavours.


Vixen is a prankster at heart who loves to make the other reindeer laugh. She’s all about light-hearted pranks, but in her ongoing quest to continuously outdo herself, things occasionally get out of hand. We don’t know which of her latest schemes was the most “amusing” for Santa: the time she gift wrapped every single item in the workshop (including the walls and the elves’ worktables, chairs, and tools) or when she had 1,000 boxes of cookies delivered to Santa’s house.

How does Vixen have the guts to pull off such pranks? She eats a box of Pinty’s Pub & Grill Beer BBQ Chicken Wings. The amped up combination of bold barbecue and beer help clear her mind and loosen her up so she can execute her mastermind plans with precision.


Given his name, it’s not surprising that Comet can seem a little spaced out from time to time. It’s true that he can be found whispering to the other reindeer, “wait, where are we going next? I forget” repeatedly during their annual Christmas Eve travels. And sure, he may misplace his harness more frequently than the others. But at the end of the day, Comet brings a laid back, calming energy to the group that is a breath of fresh air during high-stress moments – like, you know, when you’re trying to deliver presents to every single child on Earth in a single night.

Given Comet’s tendency to sometimes seem like he’s in outer space – and forget that he doesn’t feel so great whenever he eats food containing gluten – our gluten-free Eat Well Chicken Breast Chunks are for him.


She loves to spread love wherever she goes! Cupid is affectionate and an incredibly loyal friend. Her happy-go-lucky attitude is infectious and if she happens to see another reindeer feeling down, she goes out of her way to make him or her feel better. Sometimes she can be a little bit goofy when trying to get her friends to crack a smile, and she is totally fine with that. Wear Prancer’s neon pink scarf as a blindfold, while skating backwards, to make Dasher feel better about his hockey team losing? Why not!

Cupid loves pretty much everything so she would love any of our products, but if we have to pick just one, we’d say our Pub & Grill Honey & Roasted Garlic Chicken Wings because they bring the perfect amount of sweetness – just like she does.


Donner is a singing sensation who hits every note like nobody’s business. He’s always the first one to hit the karaoke machine at Dancer’s parties. His favourites are anything by Elvis or Sinatra. Donner is quite dashing and debonair and has never turned down one of Vixen’s dares to publicly serenade one of the ladies in the group.

Our Pub & Grill Whisky Mustard Chicken Wings are so very Donner. A sophisticated and smooth mingling of whisky and mustard together is like a party of flavours and your taste buds get a front row seat. Ideal for the performer of the group!


Her electrifying personality lights up any room. Blitzen is a limitless beacon of energy who lives to pump up her pals and get them excited about anything and everything. Think of the best hype man you’ve ever seen, and multiply that by 100. If you met her, you’d think she had just drank several cups of coffee, but no! She just runs on pure enthusiasm and is always in go, go, go mode.

We know that Blitzen’s Pinty’s preference would definitely be our Pub&Grill Buffalo Chicken Wings. Since they come with blue cheese, medium and hot sauces, she would positively beam with excitement about having the ability to customize her wings exactly to her liking.


You probably know his past and can recall that Rudolph experienced some pretty turbulent times. As a result, he is the most resilient reindeer of the bunch. Rudolph understands that he is a very important member of the team, but he is humble. His bright red nose lights the way for Santa and the rest of the reindeer on Christmas Eve, but he is also different from the others in another way, that doesn’t relate to his appearance: he’s not a big fan of chicken wings!

So which Pinty’s product would be perfect for Rudolph, then? Our Man Cave Rib Tips Montreal BBQ. Rib Tips and chicken wings are practically best food friends, so with this choice, Rudolph doesn’t have to be excluded from the annual December 23rd reindeer dinner.

Do you agree with our list? If not, reach out to us on Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter to tell us which Pinty’s products you think each of Santa’s reindeer would prefer, based on their personalities.

Have a wonderful holiday season. Cheers!