#HowDoYou Pinty’s fan scorecard

Consider yourself an absolute Pinty’s fan? Read on to find out how many times you’ll say “yes – I’ve definitely done that” with our #HowDoYouPintys Fan Scorecard. Add up the many ways you’ve enjoyed Pinty’s delicious premium chicken wings, sauces, chips and more to see just how high you score.

Add One Juicy Pinty’s Point If You’ve Ever:

  • Got excited upon seeing a side (or more) of wings on your dinner plate. (We had to give ONE easy point).
  • Answered: “Which flavour of chicken wings is your favourite?” in under 30 seconds. Add one bonus point if you insisted on picking more than just a single favourite.
  • Participated in a chicken wing eating contest. Add one bonus point if you won (congratulations)!
  • Felt a pang of disappointment or near sadness seeing a stack of juicy premium chicken wings getting lower and lower. (It’s OK, there’s plenty more tasty goodness to be had next time.)
  • Sported Pinty’s gear about town. (We know you made it look good!)
  • Combined Pinty’s sauces to make your own unique tasty creation. (Culinary experiments done right!)
  • Pretended you didn’t realize you were eating the last wing. (Who could blame you after all…)
  • Enjoyed 3 or more types of Pub & Grill chicken wings. Add one bonus point if you’ve tried them all.
  • Opened a lunch kit (or made one) packed with a favourite Pinty’s product. Add one bonus point if the lunch included a “have a great day” note.
  • Served up crowd-pleasing chicken wings, chunks, or tenders while hosting a party. (Thanks for the invite!)
  • Tried cooking chicken wings at least two out of these three ways: oven, barbeque, deep fryer. (Mmmmm…wings!)
  • Indulged in a bag of crunch-satisfying Bold BBQ Kettle Chips mostly all yourself. (Sometimes it IS hard to share).
  • Given a bottle of Pinty’s sauce as a gift. Add one bonus point if the gift-giving occasion was a wedding or baby shower.

Deduct One Juicy Pinty’s Point If You’ve Ever:

  • Not let someone in on the secret to where you got “those amazing wings” after being complimented. (Don’t you want to tell the world?!)
  • Rinsed your plate right away instead of savouring every last bit of saucy goodness that might have been on it. (Bet that only happened once!)

Pinty’s Fan Score Rankings…Drumroll Please!

1 – 3 Points | Chicken Wing Fan in the Making

If you and your taste buds are discovering your love of juicy chicken wings done just how you like them – well done! Keep the sauce close by and the napkins on hand.

4 – 14 Points | Flavour Connoisseur

You’re a devoted Pinty’s supporter, a chicken wing and connoisseur of all that is yummy who’s doubtlessly got great taste. You know hands-down that chicken wings are a go-to for parties, barbecues and sports nights, but you don’t forget about all that quality and flavour when it comes to dinners either. Kudos to you – for your answer to #HowDoYouPintys is surely amazing!

15+ | Delicious Food Guru

A true master of serving up deliciousness, you’re inevitably the go-to host in your crew and regularly asked to “bring those awesome wings”. You live, eat and breathe delectable premium protein…and might own a few Chicken Wing Accessories for the True Wing Connoisseur, or at least have them on your wish list.

Whether you’ve now got some serious Pinty’s fan goals or are preparing to enjoy some victory chicken wings, we’re glad to join in your meals, snacks and delicious get-togethers by #MakingGreatFoodFun!

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