3 Pinty’s Super Fans Answer 10 Questions
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You know we’re all about making great food fun! You have probably noticed that we like to bring that energy to social media through behind-the-scenes looks at events like GSOC and NASCAR Pinty’s Series races, posts celebrating our love of all things chicken, and contests. (Psst! We’ll let you in on a secret: our next giveaway kicks off on November 16th!) We always have a blast sharing our world with you online, but the ultimate excitement and fun happens when we get a chance to really interact with the members of our incredible community. You really are the reason we are able to make great food fun!

Today’s blog post is a celebration of our Pinty’s community, and in particular, three chicken wing connoisseurs that we have had the pleasure of getting to know a little better over the last year. Alec Weston, Brayden Reedy, and Douglas Moyer are what we like to call Pinty’s Super Fans. How did they catch our attention and earn that title? Well, it’s kind of a long story – so here are the abbreviated versions of each man’s Pinty’s origin story:

Luck shone down on Alec one night at a Senators game and he came into an entire BOX of our kettle potato chips and posted about it on his Instagram Story. He instantly won us over with his charm and sense of humour.

Brayden is a former Pinty’s Chicken Wing Eating Challenge Winner who touches base with us frequently on Instagram and Twitter to spread positive vibes.

Doug is just as obsessed with chicken wings as we are and when we came across his Instagram page loaded with pictures of tasty wings, we knew we’d found a kindred spirit.

Without further ado, let’s meet the fellas and jump right in!

1. What is your fondest Pinty’s memory?

AW: I’d have to say that my fondest memory definitely has to be after a Bruins vs Senators hockey game, in which I commandeered an entire case of Pinty’s chips. I then did some video reviews of said chips which can be found on Pinty’s Facebook!

BR: My fondest Pinty’s memory was about two years ago when I first got to call to compete in Pinty’s Wing Eating Challenge at the Calgary Flames vs Colorado game!

2. How old were you when you first tried chicken wings, and what do you remember about the experience?

AW: Growing up in England, we didn’t have chicken wings as a staple like it is here, so my first experience would have been after I moved to Canada. We went to an “all you can eat” wing night. I ate 6 pounds of wings. They asked me to leave. Good times!

BR: I’m pretty sure the first time I ate chicken wings I was about 6 years old. They were honey garlic and I instantly fell in love with that flavour. I still love it.

DM: I was, unfortunately, a late wing consumer bloomer and had wings for the first time at 17. I was working at a pizza place and instead of taking free pizza home, I took their wings. It was love at first bite.

3. How do you like your chicken wings prepared and cooked?

BR: To be honest, for me it doesn’t really matter how my chicken wings are cooked! But if I had to choose, I would deep fry them until golden brown, toss in my favorite Pinty’s sauce, and finish in the oven! And before serving toss in the sauce again!

DM: Battered, deep fried, and sauced.

4. Do you have any specific chicken wing eating techniques to share?

AW: Depends what we’re working with here. Flatties obviously provide more of a challenge as you have to get between the bones to get at the succulent chicken. I usually use the push-flip-and-rip method, where you push the meat through with your tongue, flip it, and rip the meat off with your teeth. I find it’s the cleanest technique and most efficient.

BR: No I don’t really have any specific techniques on eating wings! I like to try and eat them slow, just so I can make the wings last longer and really enjoy the flavours.

DM: I like to rotate the drumettes as I eat them. For flats, I break them apart to get to all the meat inside. It’s the best technique because it’s easier than trying to eat the wing without breaking it open.

5. If you had to describe Pinty’s chicken wings to someone who hasn’t tried them before, what would you say?

AW: Absolutely, by far, the best tasting wings you can make at home available on the market. You won’t be disappointed!

BR: If I had to describe what Pinty’s chicken wings are like I would tell them. 1- You’re missing out. 2- They are the best wings you will ever eat. 3- The sauces that come with the wings are out of this world 😍 4- The amount of wings you get in a box for the price is phenomenal and well worth the buy!

6. What is your favourite Pinty’s product?

AW: Definitely has to be the wings. Best oven wings on the market. Usually I find oven wings to be chewy and rubbery, and bland, but not Pinty’s!!!

BR: My favorite Pinty’s product is 100% the chicken wings!

DM: Salt and pepper wings.

7. If you were only able to use one Pinty’s sauce for the rest of your life, which would it be and why?

AW: Actually very glad you asked me this, as the entire world needs to know about the glory of Pinty’s BBQ Caesar sauce. It’s MIND BLOWING. Such a unique and inventive blend. Top notch. I like it because it;s versatile and can be used as a dip, a marinade, or a basting.

BR: I would for sure choose Pinty’s Whiskey Mustard sauce! It’s a super unique flavour that I just absolutely love! I also had that flavour on my wings in my second Pinty’s Wing Eating Challenge!

DM: BBQ Caesar. It’s the most unique flavour and have never seen anyone else make it.

8. What do you think our next sauce flavour should be

BR: I think a smoky bacon flavored sauce would be pretty neat!

DM: Sriracha Honey.

9. We have to ask, do you think boneless chicken wings really are chicken wings, or are they chicken nuggets?

AW: Boneless wings are neither wings NOR nuggets (waits for everyone to pick themselves off the floor). They are simply breaded chunks of chicken breast, and they are also delicious *mic drop*

BR: This is a good debate in the chicken wing community! In my personal opinion, they are just chicken nuggets.

DM: They’re just nuggets.

10. Final thoughts: what is one thing you’d like the Pinty’s Community to know about you?

AW: One thing the Pinty’s community should know about me? I am a believer in living your best life. Eat, be merry, love one another and live happy, because life is too short to not experience what’s on offer. Maybe if we sat the worlds’ leaders down around a big plate of Pinty’s wings… who knows what might come of it!

BR: I would like the Pinty’s community know that I am probably one of the biggest Calgary Flames fans. And that I love my friends and family!

DM: I, Douglas Moyer, have found a great love for chicken wings. No other food comes ahead of them! They are my go-to at any restaurant and Pinty’s is my fave for bringing the pub experience home. I will never get tired of them and look forward to all the future Pinty’s products. Keep up the great, delicious work!

Big thank you to Alec, Brayden, and Doug for joining us for today’s post and helping make our community such a fun place to be!

Do you want to be crowned a Pinty’s Super Fan? Show us your stuff on social media and let’s take our relationship to the next level! Stay current with us on Instagram, Facebook and, Twitter and reach out with a comment or question, post your Pinty’s photos and videos and tag us, or simply engage with our posts frequently. There are so many ways to catch our attention and connect with us – these are only a few examples!


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