7 Chicken Wing Accessories19Apr, 20
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7 Chicken Wing Accessories for the True Wing Connoisseur

Spot the lie in this statement: chicken wings are the ultimate in fuss-free, mega-tasty eats. Can’t spot the fib? That’s because it’s all facts. The king of game day snacks ticks all the boxes: simple, satisfying, and super delicious. Few other foods hold a candle to chicken wings. There are too many variables to even compete. Pizza? With so many styles out there, you can’t guarantee that one pie will please everyone in your group. Tacos? So. Much. Chopping. And. Prep. Sushi? Not for everyone. But chicken wings? Chicken wings are a beautiful thing because individual preferences, like sauciness level or heat, can easily be accommodated; however, the fail-proof fundamentals always remain the same: cook, sauce, enjoy. We know that many of you in our community are diehard wing lovers like we are. We are united over our shared loved [...]
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