How Chicken Wings became a Super Bowl Essential22Aug, 19
Chicken Wings

From Scraps to Staple: How Chicken Wings became a Super Bowl Essential

It’s Super Bowl Sunday. Your friends have been adamantly asking you to host one of your legendary Super Bowl parties, and the day has finally come. Guests? Check. Beverages? Check. Snacks? Check. It seems like you have everything you need, right? Wrong. You’re missing the all-important, “you better get some or I’m not coming”-food: chicken wings. An hour before the game starts, you attempt to call every local wing joint in town, but sadly, all the lines are busy. Out of sheer frustration, you start to wonder why chicken wings are so damn popular during the Super Bowl. Out of all the days, it has to be this day when wing places are jam packed with orders, from morning until night. But would you believe us if we told you that 55 years ago, chicken wings were considered scraps? There [...]
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