Day for Delicious Easy Meals & Snacks19Sep, 19
Chicken Wings

Pinty’s a Day for Delicious Easy Meals & Snacks

“What’s for dinner?” Well, when you’ve got Pinty’s on hand it can be a quick answer to that 7-day a week, age old question! With so many delicious options to choose from it’s easy to fill your plate with Pinty’s and keep meal boredom at bay – check out some ideas for tasty easy meals and snacks made with what you love – a Pinty’s premium product a day. Sunday: Making a main course to gather everyone around the table and start the week off right doesn’t have to be a chore! A fully pre-cooked Pinty’s Crispy Chicken Breast easily pairs perfectly (and quickly) with any side you like, or let a hearty Pub & Grill Chicken Parmesan be the star of your dish. Hot Tip: Serve leftovers (if there are any!) on a focaccia bun for a classic chicken [...]
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Pinty’s Cook Off Challenge22Aug, 19

Family Day Weekend: Pinty’s Cook Off Challenge

Family Day is almost upon many of us so you know what that means - it’s a long weekend! To the provinces who don’t observe Family Day: we’re sorry, let’s band together to create a petition to bring Family Day to your area, and we’ll get our whole team to sign it! We think everyone should celebrate a bonus day off with their loved ones. The good news is that what we’re about to propose to you in this post doesn’t require having Monday off work. With the winter weather not slowing down anytime soon (sorry Alberta, make sure to bundle up out there), what better way to spend quality time with your family indoors than a Pinty’s cook off challenge? Get the whole family together and finally discover who the Gordon Ramsay of the house is. Down below, we’ve [...]
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