10 Tips to Canadian-ify Your Summer Get-Togethers19Apr, 20
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10 Tips to Canadian-ify Your Summer Get-Togethers

Did you know Pinty’s was founded back in 1943 in beautiful Ontario, Canada? Well you do now! With Canada Day celebrations upon us we thought we’d politely put out some tips to embrace the stereotypes and Canadian-ify your get-togethers that’ll make you say – “yeah no, that’s good eh!” So put those hockey mitts and toques on hold (just for a bit)… Whether it’s you and your buds enjoying a tailgate party or the whole block is over for backyard brews, show pleasing provinces and terrific territories some love with these 10 must-haves to Canadian-ify your summer get-togethers: 1. Fire It Up When it comes to how you’ll cook your summer feasts, just ask yourself – how would a true lumberjack do it? Hint: You should (safely and responsibly) prep the fire pit for bannock, get the barbecue Alberta-beef-ready and [...]
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7 Types of Party People - HowDoYouPintys19Apr, 20
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7 Types of Party People | #HowDoYouPintys?

From summer barbecues to holiday shindigs, sports nights to your average Saturday – life is a party! No matter what the reason for coming together, there are 7 types of party people you’re likely to find crowding around the ultimate guest’s center stage (the food of course!). So, go on – decide which type of party people YOU are! “The Host” – Will generally fall into one of two types: “The Worrier”: Can be found hovering around stressing about everything; overthinking the party food menu, fretting over the lack of coaster use, doing a constant headcount, reminding everyone which patio cup is theirs. (They probably could have used this rundown of How to Host the Ultimate Hockey Night Party for pointers.) Party guests may feel sympathetic towards The Worrier and offer assistance or be mildly irritated and avoidant. Or… (Please [...]
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