3 Pinty’s Super Fans Answer 10 Questions19Apr, 20
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Community Spotlight: 3 Pinty’s Super Fans Answer 10 Questions

You know we’re all about making great food fun! You have probably noticed that we like to bring that energy to social media through behind-the-scenes looks at events like GSOC and NASCAR Pinty’s Series races, posts celebrating our love of all things chicken, and contests. (Psst! We’ll let you in on a secret: our next giveaway kicks off on November 16th!) We always have a blast sharing our world with you online, but the ultimate excitement and fun happens when we get a chance to really interact with the members of our incredible community. You really are the reason we are able to make great food fun! Today’s blog post is a celebration of our Pinty’s community, and in particular, three chicken wing connoisseurs that we have had the pleasure of getting to know a little better over the last [...]
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It Takes a Wing to Know You19Apr, 20
Just for Fun

It Takes a Wing to Know You: Which Chicken Wing Eating Style Matches Your Personality?

Chicken wings and eating are a match made in heaven. You may be thinking, “Aren’t all foods a match for eating? What does that even mean?” Allow us to explain. Have you ever noticed that whenever you eat chicken wings, you eat them in different ways? Sometimes you’ll eat slowly, savouring each bite like it’s your last. Other times, you go full savage mode, inhaling the entire plate in mere minutes. Whether you’re trying new flavours, testing different cooking methods, or switching up your consumption technique, the wing eating experience is always an exciting journey – and one that allows you to learn new things about yourself with each bite. Our team did a little research* and found seven unique ways to eat chicken wings that can say a lot about an individual’s personality. Read on to learn what your [...]
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7 Chicken Wing Accessories19Apr, 20
Just for Fun

7 Chicken Wing Accessories for the True Wing Connoisseur

Spot the lie in this statement: chicken wings are the ultimate in fuss-free, mega-tasty eats. Can’t spot the fib? That’s because it’s all facts. The king of game day snacks ticks all the boxes: simple, satisfying, and super delicious. Few other foods hold a candle to chicken wings. There are too many variables to even compete. Pizza? With so many styles out there, you can’t guarantee that one pie will please everyone in your group. Tacos? So. Much. Chopping. And. Prep. Sushi? Not for everyone. But chicken wings? Chicken wings are a beautiful thing because individual preferences, like sauciness level or heat, can easily be accommodated; however, the fail-proof fundamentals always remain the same: cook, sauce, enjoy. We know that many of you in our community are diehard wing lovers like we are. We are united over our shared loved [...]
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Sauce It to Me – All Sauce All the Time19Apr, 20
Chicken Wings

Sauce It to Me – All Sauce All the Time

Sauce /sôs/: a glorious zesty addition, pairing perfectly with practically everything. Playing the ultimate supporting role in any snack or meal, from buffalo to plum, hot to bold – mmm, sauce. A tried and true companion for dipping chicken wings, nuggets and chicken tenders, but let’s face it, those are just the basics! (And you’re a beyond-basic saucy beast…) Nobody puts sauce in a corner - here’s 5 ways to enjoy sauces that will really let ‘em shine! 1. For the Bread and Bun-Bound Customizing is key when you’re a juicy burger lover, or a time-honored sandwich devotee; your food – your way. A match for all fillings whether they be traditional condiments, extra bacon, deluxe cheese, jalapenos (and anything else you can think of) - slather that sauce over whatever you use for packing all the best into that [...]
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3 Super Fans Tell-All19Apr, 20
Chicken Wings

Pinty’s Community Spotlight – 3 Super Fans Tell-All

Here at Pinty’s we’re all about making great food fun, and a huge part of fuelling that delicious drive for flavour and amazing experiences comes from you – our fabulous fans! We’re turning this one over to our community of Pinty’s enthusiasts and shining the spotlight on these 3 super fans – let’s meet ‘em and find out #HowDoYouPintys: Meet a Pinty’s Super Fan | Super Fan Claim to Fame Rick @Gmanrick2525 (IG), age 51 from Victoria BC Rick is a top contributor across Pinty’s social media platforms and would give up his current career to become a taste-tester for Pinty’s. (We’ll keep you posted on that job opening Rick.) Todd @ToddAitchison (TW), age 42 from Waterloo ON A NASCAR Race devotee who loves the win-win of supporting sports through his love of Pinty’s (and that sweet swag), Todd was [...]
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How DoYou Pintys Fan Scorecard19Apr, 20
Chicken Wings

#HowDoYouPintys Fan Scorecard

Consider yourself an absolute Pinty’s fan? Read on to find out how many times you’ll say “yes – I’ve definitely done that” with our #HowDoYouPintys Fan Scorecard. Add up the many ways you’ve enjoyed Pinty’s delicious premium chicken wings, sauces, chips and more to see just how high you score. Add One Juicy Pinty’s Point If You’ve Ever: Got excited upon seeing a side (or more) of wings on your dinner plate. (We had to give ONE easy point). Answered: “Which flavour of chicken wings is your favourite?” in under 30 seconds. Add one bonus point if you insisted on picking more than just a single favourite. Participated in a chicken wing eating contest. Add one bonus point if you won (congratulations)! If a chicken wing eating contest is on your bucket list, check out these Tips for Ultimate Success: [...]
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5 Reasons to Love Pinty’s19Apr, 20
Chicken Wings

5 Reasons to Love Pinty’s

It’s no surprise that a beloved food like chicken wings now has its own international day of recognition (July 29th of course). With high quality ingredients and so many flavours to choose from, it’s easy to see why Pinty’s is a favourite when it comes to chicken wings, both on and off the dinner table. If you needed any more reason to love your Pinty’s wings this International Chicken Wing Day and the other 364 days a year, here are our top 5! 1. Pub-Style at Home When you’ve had a long week (or day) and it’s finally time to unwind, you shouldn’t have to choose between a food craving and comfort. Pinty’s lets you take restaurant quality pub-style taste to your own home or backyard. With authentic Pub & Grill chicken wings you can cut the noise, lineups and [...]
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10 Tips to Canadian-ify Your Summer Get-Togethers19Apr, 20
Chicken Wings

10 Tips to Canadian-ify Your Summer Get-Togethers

Did you know Pinty’s was founded back in 1943 in beautiful Ontario, Canada? Well you do now! With Canada Day celebrations upon us we thought we’d politely put out some tips to embrace the stereotypes and Canadian-ify your get-togethers that’ll make you say – “yeah no, that’s good eh!” So put those hockey mitts and toques on hold (just for a bit)… Whether it’s you and your buds enjoying a tailgate party or the whole block is over for backyard brews, show pleasing provinces and terrific territories some love with these 10 must-haves to Canadian-ify your summer get-togethers: 1. Fire It Up When it comes to how you’ll cook your summer feasts, just ask yourself – how would a true lumberjack do it? Hint: You should (safely and responsibly) prep the fire pit for bannock, get the barbecue Alberta-beef-ready and [...]
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7 Types of Party People - HowDoYouPintys19Apr, 20
Just for Fun

7 Types of Party People | #HowDoYouPintys?

From summer barbecues to holiday shindigs, sports nights to your average Saturday – life is a party! No matter what the reason for coming together, there are 7 types of party people you’re likely to find crowding around the ultimate guest’s center stage (the food of course!). So, go on – decide which type of party people YOU are! “The Host” – Will generally fall into one of two types: “The Worrier”: Can be found hovering around stressing about everything; overthinking the party food menu, fretting over the lack of coaster use, doing a constant headcount, reminding everyone which patio cup is theirs. (They probably could have used this rundown of How to Host the Ultimate Hockey Night Party for pointers.) Party guests may feel sympathetic towards The Worrier and offer assistance or be mildly irritated and avoidant. Or… (Please [...]
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Chicken Wings & NASCAR17Apr, 20
Just for Fun

Chicken Wings & NASCAR – Go Behind the Scenes with Pinty’s Epic Wingman Weekend Winner

Pinty’s Epic Wingman Weekend Winner Marjorie takes us behind the scenes of her incredible contest win - a chicken wing and NASCAR fueled weekend spent at Bristol Motor Speedway! Marjorie dishes all about her win and the first two days of her Epic Wingman Weekend in the first of this two-part series – get ready to start your engines (and fire up that grill)! It All Starts with a Winning Phone Call. Richard Coughlin from TSN called me to announce that I was the winner of the Pinty’s Epic Wingman Contest - I don’t think at this point I realized what the prize was! All I can remember thinking was how I loved the movie “Talladega Nights”. Once we got the details of this incredible prize, we got booking our flights! Day 1: Planes, Trains and a Dinner Our first [...]
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Day for Delicious Easy Meals & Snacks19Sep, 19
Chicken Wings

Pinty’s a Day for Delicious Easy Meals & Snacks

“What’s for dinner?” Well, when you’ve got Pinty’s on hand it can be a quick answer to that 7-day a week, age old question! With so many delicious options to choose from it’s easy to fill your plate with Pinty’s and keep meal boredom at bay – check out some ideas for tasty easy meals and snacks made with what you love – a Pinty’s premium product a day. Sunday: Making a main course to gather everyone around the table and start the week off right doesn’t have to be a chore! A fully pre-cooked Pinty’s Crispy Chicken Breast easily pairs perfectly (and quickly) with any side you like, or let a hearty Pub & Grill Chicken Parmesan be the star of your dish. Hot Tip: Serve leftovers (if there are any!) on a focaccia bun for a classic chicken [...]
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Crossing All Bridges Learning Centre22Aug, 19
Charity Event

Pinty’s Community Spotlight: Crossing All Bridges Learning Centre

Here at Pinty’s we consider our community to extend beyond our company, retailers, and customers. We support a number of athletes, sports teams, events, and organizations, and today we’d like to shine a light on a program within our community that truly enriches people’s lives: Crossing All Bridges Learning Centre. Crossing All Bridges is a not-for-profit charity based in Brantford, Ontario. Developed by parents of adults with different learning abilities, the program was founded in 2003. Participants become empowered through tailored educational experiences that allow them to gain new skills and build their self-confidence. Crossing All Bridges is unique in that it offers a variety of programs that are designed to address participants’ individual learning needs, while still stimulating social inclusion. Program topics range from literacy and culinary arts, to money management, job readiness, and so much more. One of [...]
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