Jukasa Motor Speedway Blog22Aug, 19

4 Insights for First-Time Jukasa Motor Speedway Campers

Camping out while enjoying race weekend should be considered a must-do for all race fans. It is an experience you will never forget – especially if it’s your first time. Because the NASCAR Pinty’s Series Rankin Construction 200 at Jukasa Motor Speedway is days away, we wanted to share this insider look at the Jukasa camping scene. This post is for any first-time campers heading to Jukasa this weekend, as well as anyone who has race tickets and is considering camping, but unsure what to expect. 1. No matter how big you go, know that others will go even bigger You may spend hours planning and preparing the most mind-blowingly epic site, and others will still have a more tricked out setup than you. Does it really matter? No. Will you look on in awe? Absolutely. You could set up [...]
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How to Win a Wing Eating Contest22Aug, 19
Chicken Wings

Tips for Ultimate Success: How to Win a Wing Eating Contest

Not for the faint of heart or appetite, no summer celebration, local fair or neighborhood pub night is complete without something the crowds love and the participants can’t get enough of – wing eating contests! Ready to take on the ultimate display of delicious performance? Read on for tips and tricks to propel yourself to sweet saucy victory with wing eating contest tips from Sam, winner of the 2018 Ticats Pinty’s Wing Eating Challenge! Meet a Wing-Eating Winner. Sam, age 30 - from London, Ontario Instagram: @tigersammy88 The Set-Up What sort of preparation do you recommend leading up to a wing eating contest? Sam: Make sure you don't go in on an empty stomach. Even a light snack a few hours before will help you not get too full too quickly. Surprised that an empty stomach isn’t recommended? Good tip [...]
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Side Dishes for Chicken Wings22Aug, 19
Chicken Wings

The Best Deserves the Best – Side Dishes for Chicken Wings

We know you might BBQ 365 days a year, but in fairness to other foods we’re officially designating this as #BBQMonth! Chicken wings are an obvious must-have for any barbecue – but what else will you fill your plate with? Although practically anything pairs well with awesome, if you’re not sure where to start rest assured, we’ve got your back…err, plate with this handy list of lip-smacking side dishes to partner up with your chicken wings. Give these side dishes a spin with a classic or fresh take! Finger-Food Delights Ditch the utensils altogether with traditional finger-food-fun chicken wing side dishes that also double as great dip and sauce vessels! If you want a crowd-pleasing classic with a twist, try loading up your favourite toppings on a glorious pizza with an unexpected sauce base like pesto, salsa or BBQ sauce; [...]
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Hungry, Hungry Reindeer22Aug, 19

Hungry, Hungry Reindeer: What are Santa’s Reindeer’s Favourite Pinty’s Products?

Traditionally, Santa is the superstar of the holiday season. And why wouldn’t he be? He delivers presents to millions of children around the world! Kind of tough for Frosty the Snowman to compete with. While there’s no denying that Father Christmas is the perfect emblem of the generosity and goodwill that define the season – and not to mention, he’s just an overall cool, mysterious dude thanks to his majestic beard and the whole operating-in-the-dead-of-night thing – we think that sometimes people overlook those who help Santa with his important journey. You know who we’re talking about! The ones who carry Santa and his sleigh: Dasher, Dancer, Prancer, Vixen, Comet, Cupid, Donner, Blitzen, and Rudolph. Today we’re taking a closer look at the personalities of Santa’s reindeer to uncover the Pinty’s preferences of each! We promise, you won’t want to [...]
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National Tournament Insights with Jon Brazeau22Aug, 19

Pinty’s Grand Slam of Curling: Mid-Season Summary and Boost National Tournament Insights with Jon Brazeau

Work, social events, holidays; fall is a busy season for everyone. Next thing you know, it’s already December and the Pinty’s Grand Slam of Curling Boost National tournament is happening! If you haven’t been following GSOC, or are looking for a refresher ahead of Boost, this blog post has you covered. With the help of Sportsnet writer and GSOC social media guru Jon Brazeau, we’re giving you a recap of the season so far, and offering an insider’s look at the action you can expect from Boost National - which kicks off TODAY! For those who aren’t familiar with GSOC, can you tell us a little bit more about the boost national tournament? In terms of format, rules and play, what makes it different from other GSOC tournaments? The Boost National features fifteen of the best men’s teams and fifteen [...]
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Tips from Curling Great Kevin Martin22Aug, 19

Pinty’s Grand Slam of Curling for Beginners: Tips from Curling Great Kevin Martin

Curling fans, rejoice! Another exciting season of the Pinty’s Grand Slam of Curling kicks off this week with the Princess Auto Elite 10 Championship in Chatham-Kent, Ontario. We are counting down the days until we get to see the world’s top curlers in action, and we know many of you are counting down along with us. For a curling fan, watching the sport in person for the first time is an unforgettable moment. As we gear up for Elite 10, we wanted to do something special for the first-timers out there. Who better to give you a sense of the fun you’re in for than a real curling legend? We recently caught up with Kevin Martin, a four-time Brier champion and Olympic gold medalist, and asked him a few questions about what Elite 10 attendees can expect and about the [...]
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Pinty’s Cook Off Challenge22Aug, 19

Family Day Weekend: Pinty’s Cook Off Challenge

Family Day is almost upon many of us so you know what that means - it’s a long weekend! To the provinces who don’t observe Family Day: we’re sorry, let’s band together to create a petition to bring Family Day to your area, and we’ll get our whole team to sign it! We think everyone should celebrate a bonus day off with their loved ones. The good news is that what we’re about to propose to you in this post doesn’t require having Monday off work. With the winter weather not slowing down anytime soon (sorry Alberta, make sure to bundle up out there), what better way to spend quality time with your family indoors than a Pinty’s cook off challenge? Get the whole family together and finally discover who the Gordon Ramsay of the house is. Down below, we’ve [...]
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How Chicken Wings became a Super Bowl Essential22Aug, 19
Chicken Wings

From Scraps to Staple: How Chicken Wings became a Super Bowl Essential

It’s Super Bowl Sunday. Your friends have been adamantly asking you to host one of your legendary Super Bowl parties, and the day has finally come. Guests? Check. Beverages? Check. Snacks? Check. It seems like you have everything you need, right? Wrong. You’re missing the all-important, “you better get some or I’m not coming”-food: chicken wings. An hour before the game starts, you attempt to call every local wing joint in town, but sadly, all the lines are busy. Out of sheer frustration, you start to wonder why chicken wings are so damn popular during the Super Bowl. Out of all the days, it has to be this day when wing places are jam packed with orders, from morning until night. But would you believe us if we told you that 55 years ago, chicken wings were considered scraps? There [...]
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