7 Chicken Wing Accessories

Spot the lie in this statement: chicken wings are the ultimate in fuss-free, mega-tasty eats. Can’t spot the fib? That’s because it’s all facts. The king of game day snacks ticks all the boxes: simple, satisfying, and super delicious. Few other foods hold a candle to chicken wings. There are too many variables to even compete. Pizza? With so many styles out there, you can’t guarantee that one pie will please everyone in your group. Tacos? So. Much. Chopping. And. Prep. Sushi? Not for everyone. But chicken wings? Chicken wings are a beautiful thing because individual preferences, like sauciness level or heat, can easily be accommodated; however, the fail-proof fundamentals always remain the same: cook, sauce, enjoy.

We know that many of you in our community are diehard wing lovers like we are. We are united over our shared loved for drumettes and flatties, and allies in our distrust of anyone who claims chicken wings are overrated. Being the wing aficionados that we are, we both understand the importance of flexing our love for the very best in the food world. That is why we have compiled this list of 7 chicken wing accessories for the true wing connoisseur. These gadgets are by no means essential for enjoying chicken wings – hello, they’re always amazing by themselves, without the frills – but they will set you apart from the average chicken wing consumer and shake up your wing eating experience.

1. Trongs
7 Chicken Wing Accessories

Yes, hello, welcome to 2019! The future is now with this finger food accessory you didn’t realize you needed to try until this very moment. One of the selling points of Trongs is that they’re great for multitasking. We kind of love the idea of some high level Executive munching some tasty wings at his desk while wearing Trongs, popping them off, then answering his phone with one hand and sending texts with the other like a boss – mess free! But when we read the reviews, we discovered two additional ways Trongs may come in handy (we are so pun-ny):

“The Trongs worked to keep my fingers clean. I love chicken wings and hate the mess on my fingers, especially with manicured nails. These saved my nails…” – DM

“It’s nice having something to keep your fingers clean while picking the bones clean of the drummy chicken wings that are covered in barbecue sauce, I recommended for anybody that doesn’t like messes it is real nice to have.” – Donald

Protect your money and get every last bit of chicken off the bone?! Sign us up.

2. Actifry
7 Chicken Wing Accessories

As you know, you can cook our chicken wings in the oven, on the barbeque, or in a deep fryer. If your go-to style is extra crispy wings, you have a few options:

1. Adjust the time and temperature if you’re using the oven preparation method.

2. Go the deep fryer route.

3. If you’re not feeling options B and C – or if you want to unlock some real Pinty’s crispy wing magic – use an Actifry air fryer. Our test kitchen revealed that this was the fastest and most effective way to achieve extra crispy wings.

3. Chicken Wing Fanny pack
7 Chicken Wing Accessories

Do you experience chicken wing cravings more than you care to admit? Relatable. If you’ve got chicken wings on the brain, get them around your waist so you can enjoy them anywhere and everywhere, at any time. An insulated fanny pack – like the one shown here by absolute wing legends @wingnightwithdaboyz – is a must for the most hard-core connoisseurs. Sure, passersby may give you the side eye while you’re walking down the street. They just don’t get it like us wing lovers do. And they’re probably jealous.

4. Mini Food-Safe Spray Bottles
7 Chicken Wing Accessories

You heard it here first: mini food-safe spray bottles for wing sauces are low-key revolutionary. Why?

1. Some people like super sauced wings, others prefer a whisper of sauce. We respect both approaches. These spray bottles can dispense just the right amount for those in the latter camp.

2. Remember the last time you went to your pal Johnny’s for chicken wings and his sauce selection was less than stellar? Load up a mini spray bottle with your favourite sauce and bring it with you to his place. Sometimes you’ve gotta have your own back in this chicken wing game.

3. Our chicken wings come with multiple sauce packets so you can mix and match to create your own customized flavour experience. Uncover your perfect sauce combination with precision. Five spritzes of Honey & Roasted Garlic with three of Hot Sauce, please.

5. 2-in-1 Tongs and Spatula
7 Chicken Wing Accessories

Faster, stronger, better. This 2-in-1 Tongs and Spatula combo will have you flipping and serving your oven-baked wings with maximum efficiency and speed. Don’t believe us? This five star review speaks for itself:

“Great for scooping fish and chicken to turn. Love the ease and convenience.”

6.Wing Eating Gloves
7 Chicken Wing Accessories

Like all great innovations, it’s all about balancing style and function. Our Wing Eating Gloves are perfect for the chicken wing connoisseur who loves watching cold weather sports in person, like hockey and curling. The chilly arena air is no match for our stylish finger-less gloves! Keep your hands toasty and your fingers free to enjoy the goodness. Our gloves are currently out of stock but don’t fret, we’ll keep you posted about the next restock.

7. BBQ Basket
7 Chicken Wing Accessories

Like the 2-in-1 Tongs and Spatula, the BBQ Basket is for the wing lover who values efficiency when cooking. Level up your Pinty’s-on-the-barbie game by placing a layer of wings in the rack and flipping as needed. One handed technique versus flipping individual wings? C’mon now, we don’t have time for that.

Have you tried any of the chicken wing accessories in our list? Is there something we missed that needs to be added? Calling all true wing connoisseurs to let us know! Reach out to us in the comments below, or by messaging us on Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter.


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