5 Reasons to Love Pinty’s

It’s no surprise that a beloved food like chicken wings now has its own international day of recognition (July 29th of course). With high quality ingredients and so many flavours to choose from, it’s easy to see why Pinty’s is a favourite when it comes to chicken wings, both on and off the dinner table. If you needed any more reason to love your Pinty’s wings this International Chicken Wing Day and the other 364 days a year, here are our top 5!

1. Pub-Style at Home

When you’ve had a long week (or day) and it’s finally time to unwind, you shouldn’t have to choose between a food craving and comfort. Pinty’s lets you take restaurant quality pub-style taste to your own home or backyard.

With authentic Pub & Grill chicken wings you can cut the noise, lineups and hassle – simply kick back and relax with your favourite pub-style flavours wherever the mood finds you – you’ve earned them.

2. The Power of Customization

Where’s the point of perfection between not enough sauce and too much – medium or hot – cheesy, creamy or bold? You decide. Control (or just dip) the flavours and sauces to get more or less of what you really love with Pinty’s premium chicken wings.

Your wings done just the way you want – it’s that simple!

Pair the best with the best – try these Side Dishes for Chicken Wings

3. Smooth Crowd-Pleasing

Nothing blends a happy crowd together like delicious eatertainment. Whether you’ve got a few friends over for some sports, snacks and banter or you’re doing some serious feasting with the whole gang – you don’t have to stress about what to serve when Pinty’s quality selections and variety are on your menu.

Great food that’s sure to unite and satisfy any outstanding crew – now that’s something to celebrate!

Love to host?

Read our tips on how to Host the Ultimate Hockey Night Party or Have a Pinty’s Cook-Off Challenge.

4. Premium Quality Meets Delicious Convenience

Looking for a convenient solution to avoid (or quickly cure) a case of the ‘hangries’ or life’s constant question – “what’s for dinner?” Pinty’s fully cooked premium chicken chunks, breasts, wings and more are within close reach. Simply toss on your flavour, fry or bake and enjoy your delicious time saved.

An easy-to-prepare choice decision for tasty snacks and prime meals – gotta love it!

5. Pinty’s Means More of What You Love

Choosing Pinty’s products means you’re dining with a Canadian company committed to quality, innovation and community.

From the Pinty’s Grand Slam of Curling to NASCAR Pinty’s Series, National Baseball, Canadian Football and National Hockey League – sports and snacks often go hand in hand, and Pinty’s is proud to sponsor some of the most beloved sports team events in Canada.

Teamwork is important, and the communities we all call home are some of the most important we can be a part of. Pinty’s greatly values our community events such as the Pinty’s Provincial Elementary School Curling Championship and We Rock Charity Curling Tournament supporting Crossing All Bridges Learning Centre. Go team!

We’re wishing you a delicious and flavourful International Chicken Wing Day – pass the sauce please!

#MakingGreatFoodFun with qualify ingredients, tasty flavours and satisfying convenience – Browse our Delicious Foods Products or Shop Pinty’s Now.

How are you spending International Chicken Wing Day? Head on over to Facebook | Twitter | Instagram and tell us about it, we’d love to join you!

1. No matter how big you go, know that others will go even bigger

You may spend hours planning and preparing the most mind-blowingly epic site, and others will still have a more tricked out setup than you. Does it really matter? No. Will you look on in awe? Absolutely.

You could set up a cozy seating area in front of your brand new, extra-large tent, and look over to see the big screen television and leather recliners through the window of your neighbour’s state-of-the-art RV. Of course he has a small inflatable pool and barbeque out front, too.

The first-time camper should expect to be shocked by how passionate some of their fellow campers are about their sites. Bask in the glory of witnessing such decadence.

2. Each area has its regulars

Jukasa’s campground is large and offers a variety of sites that suit all camping styles and needs. You can reserve a site in advance, but be aware that each area will have a crew of diehards committed to their location. For a lot of campers, they set up shop in the same area every single year, and no matter what, they will never move. In some cases, camping at the same spot is a family tradition that spans decades.

This isn’t to say that area regulars aren’t welcoming to newcomers – nothing could be further from the truth, you will walk away from this experience with new lifelong friends – this is more a heads-up that a first-time camper should prepare to enter a somewhat established community developed by a regular cast of characters. This benefits the new camper in a few ways. Among the perks: no shortage of people to connect with on practical matters relating to the area (fastest walking route to the Pavilion, please), and an opportunity to instantly dive into the camaraderie of the culture (hello, beer swapping). Embrace your neighbours.

3. It’s beer o’clock, round the clock

No matter what time it is, the bar is always open. For a lot of campers, the experience isn’t strictly about racing – it’s akin to being on vacation. Relaxation and fun are the name of the game. As such, a first-time camper should expect some rowdy, beer-fuelled moments. Think late nights, music, dancing, and gathering around small campfires.

Of course, some areas are more amped up than others. RV campers typically spend more time to themselves compared to tent campers, who are constantly in and out, mingling with one another and sharing provisions. First-time campers who plan on bringing young children should be aware of the difference. Take to Google to get a better sense of which areas within Jukasa’s campsite are the most family-friendly.

4. Keep spare clothes in your car if you’re tent camping

Anything can happen! Have a back-up set of clothes stashed in your trunk if you’re tent camping. All it takes is tripping into your tent with an armful of open drinks and snacks to render your clothes uncomfortable for the duration of the trip. Unless your neighbour’s RV has a washer and dryer, this obvious-but-not tip may very well save a first-time camper from avoidable annoyance. This would be a good time to mention that Jukasa’s campsite does feature showers.

Here at Pinty’s, we are counting down the days until Jukasa. This is the second race of the 2018 Pinty’s Series Season and we know it’s going to be incredible. We’re even getting in on the camping action ourselves – and trust us, you will want to run into our team – we’ll be moving throughout the campground, giving out boxes of our new fully cooked burger patties from 11:30am-12:30pm on Saturday, June 16th.

You can also catch us on the track this weekend. We’ll be hosting the Pinty’s Chicken Wing Eating Challenge at 7:25pm on Saturday. The winner will receive an epic prize pack featuring four gold level tickets to the Hamilton Ti-Cats Home Opener on June 29, a Pinty’s Swag Bag, and Jukasa gear! Sign up for your chance to participate by visiting the Pinty’s booth on Saturday, from 4pm until 6pm.


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