4 Insights for first-time Jukasa Motor Speedway Campers

Camping out while enjoying race weekend should be considered a must-do for all race fans. It is an experience you will never forget – especially if it’s your first time. Because the NASCAR Pinty’s Series Rankin Construction 200 at Jukasa Motor Speedway is days away, we wanted to share this insider look at the Jukasa camping scene. This post is for any first-time campers heading to Jukasa this weekend, as well as anyone who has race tickets and is considering camping, but unsure what to expect.

1. No matter how big you go, know that others will go even bigger

You may spend hours planning and preparing the most mind-blowingly epic site, and others will still have a more tricked out setup than you. Does it really matter? No. Will you look on in awe? Absolutely.

You could set up a cozy seating area in front of your brand new, extra-large tent, and look over to see the big screen television and leather recliners through the window of your neighbour’s state-of-the-art RV. Of course he has a small inflatable pool and barbeque out front, too.

The first-time camper should expect to be shocked by how passionate some of their fellow campers are about their sites. Bask in the glory of witnessing such decadence.

2. Each area has its regulars

Jukasa’s campground is large and offers a variety of sites that suit all camping styles and needs. You can reserve a site in advance, but be aware that each area will have a crew of diehards committed to their location. For a lot of campers, they set up shop in the same area every single year, and no matter what, they will never move. In some cases, camping at the same spot is a family tradition that spans decades.

This isn’t to say that area regulars aren’t welcoming to newcomers – nothing could be further from the truth, you will walk away from this experience with new lifelong friends – this is more a heads-up that a first-time camper should prepare to enter a somewhat established community developed by a regular cast of characters. This benefits the new camper in a few ways. Among the perks: no shortage of people to connect with on practical matters relating to the area (fastest walking route to the Pavilion, please), and an opportunity to instantly dive into the camaraderie of the culture (hello, beer swapping). Embrace your neighbours.

3. It’s beer o’clock, round the clock

No matter what time it is, the bar is always open. For a lot of campers, the experience isn’t strictly about racing – it’s akin to being on vacation. Relaxation and fun are the name of the game. As such, a first-time camper should expect some rowdy, beer-fuelled moments. Think late nights, music, dancing, and gathering around small campfires.

Of course, some areas are more amped up than others. RV campers typically spend more time to themselves compared to tent campers, who are constantly in and out, mingling with one another and sharing provisions. First-time campers who plan on bringing young children should be aware of the difference. Take to Google to get a better sense of which areas within Jukasa’s campsite are the most family-friendly.

4. Keep spare clothes in your car if you’re tent camping

Anything can happen! Have a back-up set of clothes stashed in your trunk if you’re tent camping. All it takes is tripping into your tent with an armful of open drinks and snacks to render your clothes uncomfortable for the duration of the trip. Unless your neighbour’s RV has a washer and dryer, this obvious-but-not tip may very well save a first-time camper from avoidable annoyance. This would be a good time to mention that Jukasa’s campsite does feature showers.