10 Tips to Canadian-ify your summer get-togethers

Did you know Pinty’s was founded back in 1943 in beautiful Ontario, Canada? Well you do now! With Canada Day celebrations upon us we thought we’d politely put out some tips to embrace the stereotypes and Canadian-ify your get-togethers that’ll make you say – “yeah no, that’s good eh!” So put those hockey mitts and toques on hold (just for a bit)… Whether it’s you and your buds enjoying a tailgate party or the whole block is over for backyard brews, show pleasing provinces and terrific territories some love with these 10 must-haves to Canadian-ify your summer get-togethers:

1. Fire It Up

When it comes to how you’ll cook your summer feasts, just ask yourself – how would a true lumberjack do it? Hint: You should (safely and responsibly) prep the fire pit for bannock, get the barbecue Alberta-beef-ready and sizzle your cast-iron frying pan for hot bacon!

2. Canadian-Style Condiments

Maple syrup in everything. *mic drop* Seriously though, hit that Pinty’s Hot Sauce with a drizzle of Canada’s favourite pancake product, give some sweet notes of maple to your poutine, heck you could even just throw some down on that snow patch we know you’re saving in the freezer.

3. Pump Up the Tunes

Aside from our Northern charm, good looks and great taste in foods, Canadians love our party tunes and boast a range of amazing music-makers. From Drake to The Guess Who, Carly Rae Jepsen to Neil Young, Alanis Morrissette to The Tragically Hip (to name just a very few) – we know how to rock our jams and our list of musical genius claims-to-fame keeps on growing.

4. Mmm…Munchies

It can take a lot to keep an eager-beaver crowd energized, but luckily our true North strong and free munchies can easily be kept at bay with the likes of potato chips (ketchup flavoured, bold BBQ, or otherwise), Kinder Surprise, Hickory Sticks and Tim Bits.

5. Red and White Everything

Go big and show your true colours with Maple-leaf saluting napkins, tablecloths, Solo cups and cutlery. Even patio umbrellas need to throw the right kind of Canadian shade for stopping that glorious trucker tan from turning into a sunburn …you might also want to slap a Pinty’s hat on that dome.

6. Games & Entertainment

Street or ice-rink, hockey is of course a favourite Canuck pastime – but if you want to trade in your puck for something else for the summer, consider pulling out the plaid with: playing lacrosse (declared a national game in Canada in the 1800’s), a round of Trivial Pursuit, hitting up some baseball (Go Blue Jays!), shooting basketball hoops (invented by a Canadian) or an old fashioned chicken wing eating contest.

7. Just Add Meat

From coast to coast, most Canucks love a good protein – no wonder there are so many Canadian favourites to choose from: bacon (oh, yeah!), Atlantic-caught seafoods, game meats, and of course…sweet, sweet chicken wings!

8. Quench Your Thirst

Whether you’re opting for a Caesar (our national cocktail of course), water fresh from the glacier, a Timmies Double Double, or that practically patriotic stuff we just can’t seem to get enough of (BEER!) – Canadians have got some deliciously refreshing drink options to choose from.

9. Canadian-Cuisine Desserts

When it comes to pleasing a sweet tooth, Canadians have nothing to apologize for: Nanaimo bars, Saskatoon berry pie, butter tarts, beavertail doughnuts, and tiger tail ice cream to name just a few…pick a dish and get serving with pride!

10. Invite Your Neighbour & Stay Cool

Whether you know and love your neighbours, or they’re new to the block – a summer party is the perfect time to let our famous Canadian inclusivity and friendly nature shine. And lastly, since it’s summertime and there are no igloos in sight – don’t forget the ice…or you’ll definitely be sorry. Cheers!

No matter which part of the globe you’re on – we’re wishing you a truly tasty, very Happy Canada Day from the bottom of our glowing hearts!

North American chicken wing lovers, sauce dippers and chip gotta-havers unite, gather ‘round and tell us – #HowDoYouPintys?

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