The tradition of premium poultry products with the Pinty’s name attached goes back over 60 years, when in 1943 Ed Pintwala first opened Pinty’s Poultry Limited. The first plant was processing up to 60,000 chickens a week.

The start of W. Vanderlaan and Sons (later to be renamed Port Colborne Poultry) was modest. The chickens were grown on the family farm and were delievered live to consumers. Run by William and Petronella Vanderlaan, their focus on providing customers with quality food became a core value as the company continued to grow.
A new trend in snack food was emerging known as “Buffalo Style Chicken Wings”. Within a few short years the Pintwala Family was selling over 80,000 pounds of split and tipped chicken wings each week throughout the Niagara Region. At the same time the Vanderlaan family built a dedicated poultry processing facility next to the family farm in Port Colborne, Ontario.
W. Vanderlaan and Sons company name was changed to Port Colborne Poultry Limited.
The 70’s brought continued growth to both companies, as they were highly respected for excellent quality and service. Expansion was necessary to fulfill the growing demands at both Pinty’s and Port Colborne Poultry.
The introduction of fresh cut poultry for retail consumers and breaded chicken nuggets to fast food chain menus, brought unprecedented growth to the chicken industry in the ‘70’s and early ‘80’s. The need for expansion was answered by both Pinty’s and Port Colborne Poultry with extensive modernization projects.
Due to increased demands of Pinty’s Delicious Foods products, the production facility was expanded in 1991, 1993 and 1996-97, with Port Colborne Poultry remaining one of Pinty’s largest suppliers.

The Vanderlaan and Pintwala family entered into a joint venture, combining Port Colborne Poultry, a fresh chicken processor with Pinty’s Foods, a further processor. Together they grew to meet fresh and further processed poultry needs.

On March 26, 2001 it was announced that Port Colborne Poultry and Pinty’s Premium Foods acquired Southern Fine Foods in Oakville, which would operate as a subsidiary to Port Colborne Poultry.

Pinty’s launches their first consumer website.

Pinty’s retail branded packaging is re-designed introducing the colour coded ‘Ribbon Reveal’, aligning the entire Pinty’s family of products for the first time.

Pinty’s moved Head Office to Burlington, Ontario consolidating all administration under one roof. 2007 was also the year the company purchased the Paris, Ontario full cook facility.

2010 was a year of operations consolidation and restructuring of manufacturing processes in the company’s effort to continue its best in class operating performance, while continuing strong overall coporate growth.

Pinty’s logo is redesigned and launched, using a clean font with a modern flair paying homage to the era of the 40’s where it all began.

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